The Irresistibles Network is looking for some cool members!!!!

Rules :
- reblog this (likes for bookmarks)
- fill in application form here (!)
- follow Taylor & Teja
- be active
- blog type doesn’t matter

Benefits :
- meet cool new people
- make new friends
- help with everything (from promos, voting, reblogs to personal)
- advice
- follows
- spot on this page

Network is dedicated to delicious-looking men we all want =)

Increase your chances :
- talk to Taylor & Teja
- make an edit, playlist, draw smth (or just make smth your good at)

We will check the tag #theirresistiblesnetwork

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make me choose // preachlondon asked: Luke’s lips or Michael’s lips?


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this is how i love him the most

his tie and shirt are literally the same pattern

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social casualty - lyric edit

5 Seconds of Summer perform at The Forum - July 26th